September is ovarian cancer awareness month. To mark the occasion, the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund will host lunches at Governors' mansions and designated event spaces throughout the nation. First Ladies and Governors will participate in the Super Luncheon program. As our distinguished guest, you will hear a leading oncologist speak, meet those battling the disease, ovarian cancer survivors, community leaders, and other supporters like yourself.

When and Where is the Super Luncheon

The Super Luncheon is being held throughout the nation during the month of September. Click on the map below to find a participating state near you.

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Katherine Black
KBLACK.OCRF@GMAIL.COM Picture ID required for admittance. Business attire. Space is limited to first come first served.


If you are interested in having a Super Luncheon in your state please contact your local state representative.
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Ovarian Cancer: The Facts

Ovarian cancer is the leading cause of death from gynecological cancers in the United States. Education is the most effective protection against ovarian cancer.

Risk Factors

  • Peri or post-menopause
  • Uninterrupted ovulation (no pregnancies and no prior use of oral contraceptives)
  • Family or personal history of breast or ovarian cancer
  • Presence of BRCA 1 or BRCA 2 gene mutations


  • Use of oral contraceptives for 5+ years
  • Multiple pregnancies, breast feeding
  • Removal of ovaries or tubal ligation - procedures may reduce, but not entirely eliminate risk

NOTE: Currently, there is no accurate test for ovarian cancer. The PAP test does not detect ovarian cancer.

Signs & Symptoms

  • Vague but persistent and unexplained gastrointestinal complaints
  • Pelvic and/or abdominal swelling or pain; bloating and/or feeling of fullness
  • Unexplained change in bowel habits
  • Frequency and/or urgency of urination
  • Unexplained weight gain or loss
  • New and unexplained abnormal postmenopausal vaginal bleeding

Seek Guidance

Listen to your body. If any of these signs and symptoms persist and are unusual for you, speak to your gynecologist immediately and ask:

“Prove to me that I am not at risk for ovarian cancer.”

  • "Ovarian cancer is one of the most common causes of cancer related deaths for women today, both in Kentucky and nationwide. A woman's lifetime risk of ovarian cancer is 1 in 67, affecting daughters, sisters, mothers and grandmothers—many times without warning. Yet, far too many women remain unaware of its symptoms and risk factors. Having the opportunity to give a voice to this deadly disease that has been a 'silent' killer for far too long and partner with groups like the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund is an honor for me."

    - First Lady Jane Beshear
    of Kentucky

  • "The Super Luncheon in Houston was a great beginning that brought together ovarian cancer survivors, family members, advocates, physicians, nurses and concerned citizens to honor women who had experienced ovarian cancer, to raise awareness regarding this disease and to hear about the encouraging advances that are being made in early detection and personalized therapy."

    - Robert C. Bast, Jr., M.D.
    Head, Division of Medicine and Professor of Medicine Chief, Division of Medical Oncology, Department of Medicine M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

  • "We are thankful to OCRF for encouraging research which will lead to breakthroughs in early detection of ovarian cancer and improve the health of American women."

    - First Lady Georganne Nixon
    of Missouri

  • "This particular type of cancer is so heinous that when symptoms surface, it's usually too late. We must educate women and get the facts out."

    - First Lady Dawn Gibbons
    of Nevada

  • "Unfortunately every year, 22,000 women across our country are diagnosed with ovarian cancer and of those, 15,000 will die. The Super Luncheon was a great way to increase awareness about this silent, but deadly form of cancer."

    - First Lady Mikey Hoeven
    of North Dakota

  • "More than 22,000 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer each year, and 15,000 lose their lives to it. Thankfully, the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund is committed to funding research aimed at finding a method of early detection and ultimately a cure for this devastating disease. That's why I strongly support the OCRF and its unwavering mission to help women and families."

    - First Lady Kim Henry
    of Oklahoma

  • "As a cancer survivor, I know that early detection and awareness is critical to beating this terrible disease. I am grateful we were able to host this kind of event and discuss proactively, effective ways to battle this disease."

    - First Lady Carla Markell
    of Delaware

  • "It is my hope that activities held during September for Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month will draw attention to the often vague symptoms that women must heed. We must encourage women to become more educated and aware about this insidious form of cancer."

    - First Lady Suzanne Carcieri
    of Rhode Island

  • "Ovarian cancer is one of those more obscure, harder-to-detect and less-talked-about cancers. There is not as much emphasis on it as there is on some of the other issues, like breast cancer."

    - First Lady Gayle Manchin
    of West Virginia

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